Replacing Turn Signal Switch -- by a novice?

I recently purchased a used (duh) 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix. It’s in really good condition, generally speaking. But I think I need a new turn signal switch. The turn signal doesn’t do anything when turning to the left, and if turning to the right I have to apply extra upward force to keep it blinking (both inside indicator and outside lights).

Do you agree this is an issue with the switch? And if so, can a complete rookie with a can-do attitude get it done?

The air-bag and ignition lock make this a job for a pro. Replacing “multi-function switches” mounted inside the steering column can be difficult. The switch wiring pigtail most likely extends all the way down to the base of the column.

As indicated air bag removal (not the worst part) Then you need a steering wheel puller and a lock plate compressor (probably can rent) Then the toughest part is the re-assembly that is complicated by keeping the headlight HI-LO mechanism all correctly aligned. Watch out you don’t break the tab on the cancel cam that holds the horn wire (easy to do when the air bag falls in your lap). Paid like 1.3 hrs if I remember correctly.

You can cut the terminal strip off the old turn signal harness (it makes it easier to pull up and out) Not the worst job,my first took double+ time