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2011 Honda Accord - How to touch up

I have a couple of scratches in my paint, from rocks and other cars. Can I put clear nail polish on them to prevent rusting or should I get the scratches repainted?

Use the proper product instead of clear nail polish. If the color is scratched through, buy the correct color automotive touchup paint from the dealer or off the internet. Buy some clear, too. Touch up the scratches carefully with the color. Use clear to fill the rest of the way in. YouTube has videos showing how to do this.


WOW! Thanks for the info! I didn’t know you could buy touchup paint!

This is the product you want to use to fix paint scratches.


If there is any sign of rust, or bare metal, there are additional steps.

First sand off all the rust until all you see is bare metal.
Second, apply metal primer paint.
Third, apply matching touch up paint.
Fourth, apply clear coat if desired.

Frankly I don’t do anything unless there are signs of rust.

I touch up stuff as soon as I see it so I don’t ever see rust! Rust, once it appears, is hard to eliminate without creating a more serious repair. A scratch is very easy to touch up so that rust never appears. Just my 2 cents.

I should have said: unless I see rust or bare metal. Most scratches seem to be in plastic anyway, on the bumper covers.

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Are you joking? touch-up paints have been around for ages.Didn’t you get one when you purchase your car?

I agree with @Mustangman. If you wait until rust is visible, you have to remove paint beside the rust to make sure you get rid of the rust that bloomed under the paint.


Nope…I didn’t get any paint when I bought my car…I don’t think they were happy because I paid cash and didn’t need their payment plan!


If this was a used purchase then no touchup paint would have been offered.

This is probably the best touch-up pen around. Its a one step process because the paint is already mixed with the clear to make it shine as you go. Its expensive but it will save you a lot of time if its your first time doing it.I buy it from (less expensive) than if you order directly from them.

I have never seen a new car include touch up paint.

I just asked the neighbor if their brand new white Malibu came with touch up paint

They said NO!


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neither have I

Both my old and new Toyotas did.Are other car manufacturer cheap enough not to toss one in the glove box?

Sorry! I meant car dealers.I bought 8 Toyotas from them in the past

I know people who have bought new vehicles both friends/customers/family.

Toyota, Honda, Ford, GM, etc…

And none came with a bottle of touch up paint.

Probably because that small bottle of paint will dry up before it’s used, and probably won’t match when it’s finally required.


My car dealer likes me. I bought many Toyotas from them.

Maybe I should go back to the dealer and bitch?

The wife’s 2018 Corolla didn’t come with touch up paint!


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I’ll bet it’s a Canadian thing. Even the car dealers are nice up there. BTW, I’ve never gotten a bottle of touch-up paint with a new car either, and I’ve bought 9 or 10 of them.