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Paint Scratch Repair

I have a bright blue 2007 Honda Fit Sport which has several small scratches. Is there any really good product in stores or on the Internet which I can use to “heal” those scatches?

I have had good luck with the colored Turtle Wax liquid called “Color Cure”. You can also get exact match touch up paint from your Honda dealer’s parts department.

You need to determine the depth of the scratch before you blindly throw more paint on top of it. A clear coat only scratch can be mostly eliminated by simple polishing techniques. A scratch all the way through to the color coat or deeper is in need touch-up to help cover.

To determine how deep the scratch is, can you feel it as you drag your finger nail lightly across it? If no, you can get that out with just a 3M scratch remover available at Walmart and auto parts chains. If you can feel it, and is it white? Does the white disappear when water is applied? If it does this is just in the clear and can be removed with more aggressive polishing but may be for a detail shop because it is easy to go through the clear which now requires a more detailed repaint to fix… If it doesn’t go way with spraying water on it, that is most likely through the color into the base sealer or actual primer. This would require paint to be applied to.

When you have to apply paint, you can minimize the visual clumps by using the tip of a tooth pick dipped into the touch up paint and apply into the scratch. The brush given with the tough-up paint is normally way to big for what you need to fix. Small amounts are always better and multiple applications of touch-up will yield better results over a glob placed over the scratch.

Go to the dealer parts counter and get a bottle of touch up paint in your color for about $10. It’ll match perfectly and has both a brush and pen type applicator for small nicks.