2011 Honda Accord - How to touch up



I think the touchup paint bottle is a thing of the past . I know we did get one on a couple of vehicles but not in a long time.


They’re doing wonderful things with sliced bread too! … lol … Seriously, your dealership will probably have the exact color of touch-up paint you need. Somewhere on your car (often in the trunk or door jam area) there’s a label with the car’s paint code. Then you just buy a little container of that paint code. The dealership will know where to find the label. If it only comes in a spray can and you only need to fix a tiny scratch, just spray some of the paint into the inside of the can’s plastic lid, then use an artist’s brush to carefully paint the scratch out. It’ll come with some instructions.


Both of my mom’s VW Golfs had touch up paint included when she bought them new. Not sure if my parents Prius included it. I’ve never had it included as I’ve always bought used.


No you have to buy the paint for $15 or so but if at the end of the deal usually they’ll throw the paint in if you say OK but include a bottle of paint. They aren’t going to lose a sale for a $5 wholesale cost of a bottle of paint. I keep mine in the glove compartment because I have three different blacks and keeps it straight.