Touch up paint help

hello. I got in a very minor accident and wanted to repair the damage myself. I have never done any repairs or touch up before so i’m not sure what I need to do and purchase to repair these scratches. any help would be much appreciated. thank you so much!

Before trying to match the paint color, give this product a try.


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There are more aggressive products that can be used to buff bigger scratches than NuFinish as well. There is a aisle in most auto parts stores filled with products that can help. There are many, many YoutUbe videos on scratch removal as well as paint touch up. At least color matching won’t be a problem if your car is black (it looks black in the picture). Be sure to use automotive touch up paint as ordinary spray paint will not look right nor hold up.

The internet is your friend, search away. Try AutoGeek - they are hardcore paint restore and protect website. Look for Mother’s car care and Meguires car products as well.

Start by trying to buff this out, as already mentioned. If you do end up trying to paint it yourself after that, I’ll warn you that almost certainly the repair will be obvious except maybe from a distance, so one big question is how perfect of a result you’re expecting here.

I agree. Forget trying to paint it if you have never done it before. Usually we started with bikes and go karts and moved up to cars. At any rate you need to straighten the fender-careful with a rubber mallet. Then get one of those Meguires or Mothers foam polishing pads with some rubbing and polishing compound and go at it. Most of that will come out. Then you can try using some of that fill in stuff mentioned, but put the spray gun away until you have practiced some.

Before you try doing it yourself, get a quote from a reputable body shop. Since the bumper cover is plastic and the bent metal minor, they may be able to repair this at minimal cost. You’ll never get it decent with part-store touchup paint without a whole ton of elbow grease.

OP does not state year of this Cruze but if they have full coverage insurance just use it , pay the deductible and have it done right.

Try Meguair’s Cleaner wax in either liquid or paste first. I’ve been using it for 35 years. I’ve had good luck with it for removing minor scratches and scuff marks. It won’t fix deep scratches though. NuFinish works too. Any auto store should carry it.

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