2014 Honda Civic Scratch


My friend hit my car backing out of a driveway recently and I was wondering if anyone knew how could I fix the scratched paint? It appears to be the primer that is missing along with some paint near the edges above the tire.


The third image shows the clear coat was scrapped off the base coat.

You can try sanding that area out to feather it and then apply a clear coat from a rattle can.

The second image looks like a scuff mark.

In that case I’d try something like Nu Finish Scratch Doctor to see it removes it.



The bumper paint is down to plastic. I agree with wet sanding with a very fine grit to smooth things out. Put masking tape in the perimeter. Then get touch up paint from Honda (you need the code for the color from your car on your B pillar tag), and also some fine brushes from the art store and apply very thin layers of paint to cover the area.

So I would wet sand the part where the clear coat was scratched then apply a clear coat on it from a rattle can? If so, what product would you recommend? Also, I would get touch up paint from Honda and simply use a brush to paint the white scratched parts?

Auto parts stores sell all kinds of DIY’er clear coat finishes such as this.


I personally prefer paint from the shake-it bottles with the brushes in them for these type of scratches. I can’t tell from the photo, but if paint over the metal is scratched that should be touched up immediately to prevent rust.

I carry one of these bottles in the car and when I get a scratch over metal (we all get them) I wipe it clean and touch it up immediately, the paint directly to the metal. I have never had one develop rust that was immediately touched up in this manner.