2009 Dodge Grand Caravan #- Dealer can't source a part

2009 Grand Caravan ABS lights on dealer says it needs a new ABS module and it will be11 Months to get one Anyone got any ideas how to get it fixed? Can a used one be reprogrammed and work? Thanks
siscokid Southern Indiana

you can get one online or send it out to be repaired.

Dodge / Chrysler ABS module replacement ESP BAS fix - YouTube

Pardon the cynicism, but I would get the van scanned for the precise ABS error code(s) first. These days, even a fairly modest consumer-grade scanner has this capability.


definitely second opinion time.

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I expect this is caused by the global integrated circuit problem. Suggest to just wait for the dealership to source a replacement unit. The brakes still work ok, right? The dealership says it remains safe to drive, right? Neither of my cars have the ABS function, and that’s never caused me any problems. Just drive a little more conservatively is all. If you notice the traffic light is red on ahead, take your foot off the gas now, rather than at the last minute. Keep all your paperwork and a written record of your conversations w/the dealership.

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I talk to the dodge parts dept to day 08/10/2022 they have 400 on back order. with no ideal when any will be made. I have been wating over a year for one of the modual.