ABS cross-compatibility

Bit of a part compatibility question here. I’ve got an '09 Crown Vic that’s suffered an ABS module failure (just for clarification, I don’t mean the hydraulic manifold that the ABS system acts on, I mean the computerized control unit). It’s been diagnosed by my mechanic and confirmed to be the controller. Normally this would be the end of the road, I’d just buy a new part and replace it. Problem is, this part is discontinued by Ford and not made aftermarket, so I’m looking for a used one to swap. My neighbor, by coincidence, happens to have an '08 Vic that was just involved in an accident and likely to be totaled. He was rear-ended and HIS abs was working at the time of the crash.

Does anyone know if the abs module on an '08 crown Vic would be compatible with an '09? Alternatively, could anyone point me in the direction of a parts catalog so I could ask Ford directly? Thanks

If you’re unable to locate one on the internet,


I would try it.

What have you got to lose?

If it doesn’t work, then you have a car without ABS that most have driven for oh so many years before ABS.



It will likely work but it isn’t plug and play. I think your mechanic will need to program it to the car once it is installed.

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I would look for a company that will fix YOUR abs module

Typically, you mail them your existing module, and they mail it back after they fixed it

This option is the better one, imo, as it really is plug-and-play

You’ll need to do a google search, though

If your abs module is the same one as in the picture, I’d go with a company like module master, and the price seems very reasonable

$160 versus installing a used module from a different model year, which may also soon fail and/or need to be programmed . . . :thinking:


I’ll second what db4690 says above, seems like the best approach. OP might also surf over to the Summit Racing website, they seem to have some replacement module support. In SR’s case, seems to be more for the engine control module, but probably worth checking there anyway. Inherent problem with computerized cars, no simple work-a-rounds these days. If the manufacturers published the circuit schematics and theory of operation of their most critical car- modules, there’d be more help available. And if I had long enough arms, I could flap them and fly around in the sky … lol …

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Another idea, there’s a company named “DTA” than designs electronic modules for cars. Don’t know if they are involved with ABS modules or even w/ Fords. Still might be worthwhile for OP to view their website.

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