What to do about unavailable monitoring systems modules?

I have a 1999 GMC Savana van. 105K miles and full service history and drives great. The antilock braking module (ABS) went bad. GMC no longer has this part, there seems to be no aftermarket replacement, and no available used modules out there. Is there any work-around to keep the ABS function. With more electronics on modern cars is this a type of planned obsolescence? The ABS is a safety feature I’d like to retain. Any thoughts or ideas?
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Drive without ABS is best sugbestion I have for you.

The van is 24 years old, parts are not sourced forever.

Keep searching for a rebuilder.

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Usually parts are only available for most vehicles for 10 years , longer for really popular vehicles . That has been the norm for years so nothing new here .A Google search shows places that rebuild ABS modules and even some ready to go on Ebay ( Not sure I trust many of the Ebay sellers ).

Thanks. I’ll keep looking for a rebuilder – but there has to be a work-around. Like replacing the whole ABS system from a later year model.

Fishing Dave

Have you checked car-part.com ?
Put in your VIN for better search results… Looks like tons of these vans out there in junk yards…

Thanks. Understand that parts only available from manufacture for a set period of time. While a google search does show places that claim to rebuild ABS Modules (Dorman), but so far I’ve not found one that does the GMC stuff from 1999.

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Yeah, not likely to be a viable option for a lot of reasons. These devices are tuned to the vehicle they are installed in. They share information between other ECUs in the car and sensors may have changed in later vehicles. And that is only the beginning. You may cause more problems than just using base brakes.


Thank for the information

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Hey @George_San_Jose1, here’s a business for your friend to investigate.

Not finding anything either but you might try Module Masters by phone on Monday, or one of the parts places may be willing to check around for a rebuild & return service.

I’ve never relied on abs and even in Minnesota it maybe went off two times this winter, so it really doesn’t bother me if it didn’t work. When I traded in my old work car, it was nice that every single thing worked on it, every time. Trading is one way to deal with it.

I deove a lot if late 90s small school buses with the same GM chassis and the ABS systems were horribly reliable and would occasionally stop you from stopping at all on dry roads at very slow speeds. If I owned one I would pull the fuse to stop the abs from working.

Thanks, hope George gets back to me with lead on rebuilding ABS control module.

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Thanks for the follow-up. I keep hoping for a work around.

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Thanks for the reply. I checked car-part.com and the site seems to have a glitch on the ABS module tag – asks for info on airbags. My GMC van has Hyrda boost style brakes. The proper ABS Module part number is 12474473. The gasket is 12548260. Both are discontinued from GMC. When I get some time I’ll try to follow-up with Car-parts.com to see if they can confirm the parts.

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Thanks for the lead. Much appreciated.

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Thanks for the reply. The ABS system really helps here in Lake Tahoe where we have many steep roads, plenty of snow and ice – and… a bunch of visitors that have never driven in the snow. I’d hate to have to consider trading the van in just because I cant find a $50 part.

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Thanks for the reply. Here in Tahoe the ABS system helps on our steep and icy roads.

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Might try giving LKQ a call, they are one of the biggest auto recyclers chains in the country…

LKQ Reno
Sparks, NV · (877) 638-2941

You can talk to a human and they can help locate one for you if one is out there… I have used the one south of Nashville for many years…

Remember that everyone is short handed now a days so service might not be perfect but what can you do… lol

Hey! Thanks for the lead! Close enough for sure will call this week.

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