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Source for Ford RABS control module?

My local mechanic read the ABS fault codes and told me I had a failed Rear ABS control module and that they are no longer available for my 1999 F250 Super Duty. I sent it for repair to a place I found online. Upon reinstalling the repaired module, I still had my ABS fault light. I took it back to my mechanic and he said it had the “1241” code. The repair place told me that code was a failure in the circuit board and was not repairable & then they refunded my money. My mechanic cautioned me against junkyard replacements because he has seen them often not work. So, is there any source for these modules ? Numbers on module are: F81A-2B373-AF, AHE6T2M F250 F81F-2C018-AE. Kelsey-Hayes is on the side of the unit’s housing. Thanks.

Sorry I have no insight into this problem, but I enjoy going to old car shows and it saddens me that no one will be driving their 50 to 100 year old cars in the future


I’ve run into this with some vehicles.

Even with the wife’s Jeep.

In that case, the ABS components were warranted for the life of the vehicle. And were replaced twice during our ownership.

But when the ABS module failed a third time, the dealer was willing to replace it under warranty, but none could be found.

Since it was an obsolete design, they were all used up during the replacement warranty.

And since none could be found and they were no longer made, the dealer couldn’t honor the warranty.

The Jeep went to the junk yard.


Bypass it or put a piece of tape over the light. The rear ABS units stink on ice, IMHO. It was a cheap band-aid until manufacturers bit the bullet and installed 3 or 4 channel ABS.

I would not junk an otherwise good car just because the ABS stopped working. I don’t like ABS all that much and it is not part of our state inspection. I might swap cars with my wife though.


When the ABS module fails where the brake pedal becomes as hard as rock, and no matter how much pressure you apply to the brake pedal you can’t stop the vehicle, it goes to the junk yard.


First off, I think it’s great that company who you sent the module to for repair the first time refunded your money no questions asked when the repair didn’t take. That’s how business should be done imo, but often isn’t. I hope you consider to use them in the future should another problem like this come up.

I think if I had this problem and the brakes continued to work ok, just no ABS function, I’d just ignore that ABS light on the dashboard. You’ll just have a normal braking system w/out ABS is all, which worked fine for 100 years before ABS became standard. Niether of my vehicles has ABS and I’ve been able to get to everywhere I wanted to go w/no problem. fyi, ABS in most cases doesn’t make the vehicle stop faster in emergency stops. Instead it helps the driver maintain left/right control when fully applying the brakes. Without ABS you’ll have a more difficult time keeping it on a straight track when skidding to a stop. If you can live w/that risk, just ignore the dash light.

Not willing to take on that risk? hm …

  • Try phoning up some more of those companies that repair ABS modules. The one I’ve heard referred to quite frequently is “Module Master”. Have you tried phoning them to see what they think?

  • Keep trying junk-yard replacements until you find one that works.

  • Junk the vehicle and buy a new one.