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2000 Saturn SL

Did Saturn make a 2000 SL without power steering? Our Saturn SL is really difficult to turn. How would I be able to check to see if there is power steering?

It’s hard to imagine the car doesn’t have power steering. What does the owner’s manual say? Have you looked under the hood to see if the power steering drive belt is missing, or if there’s a power steering pump?

The power steering pump has a pulley driven by a belt and a reservoir in which power steering fluid is stored. If the fluid is too low, the steering will be hard. If the drive belt is missing, the steering will be hard. The owner’s manual should tell you how, and where, to check the fluid level.

It did. I drove a 2000 Saturn SL for seven years, and in a parking lot, that thing really gave a workout. Nice, when you’re also trying to manage gears and a clutch.


yes the most basic model of the s- series was the SL no power steering on this car.

does it have a pump an the back top of the engine on the belt side ? you can’t miss it if it has one.

if it has low fluid you would have heard it growling loudly by now. I have 147,000 miles on my SL-1