Powerless Steering!

The power steering is not working in our 2001 Buick Park Avenue. It worked yesterday but today, nothing, at all. We did not hear any noises. The fluid level is good and I don’t believe that there is a fuse, as this runs off of the drive belt. The fluid did smell a bit “burnt”. Does anyone have experience with this issue? Anything will help. Thanks!-Jeepheap

Is the power steering drive belt still intact?

Is that a separate belt on this car? I thought everything ran on the serpentine belt, which is intact and in good shape.

it is possible to have a broken shaft on the pump

There is no fuse. You are correct.

There’s a good chance your pump is failing. I’ve posted some links with information on how to determine that. Hoepfully they’ll help.


Turn the wheel fully to the right or left and keep pressure on it to turn it further while someone watches and listens to the power steering pump and pulley. Remove the reservoir cap and look for fluid flowing. Post results.

We can’t turn the wheel while the car is not moving. I don’t weigh enough to turn that Buick! Also, the location of the fluid reservoir makes it impossible to remove the cap or look in the reservoir while the car is running without getting all tangled in the serpentine belt.

Can you SEE the pump?? Is the pulley turning?

Sorry. Tough Love. Take It To A Mechanic.

[list]You can’t even muscle the steering on a vehicle without operating power steering.[/list]
[list]You can’t tell if you’ve got one serpentine belt or a P.S. belt operating the pump.[/list]
[list]You can’t figure out how to remove the cap from the tank on the pump and use a mirror and flashlight to safely observe the fluid (Yes, I know exactly the difficult position the pump / cap are in on these 3.8Ls).[/list]

All you have is the wish to DIY and none of the prerequisite aptitude or abilities. How in the world would you fix it even if you could diagnose it ?