Power Steering Repair Question

I have a power steering leak in a 2002 Saturn LW200 wagon that seems to stymie the local mechanics. Fluid disappears after a month and there doesn’t appear to be any external leaks. This unit does not have a belt but rather is driven by a shaft connected to the engine. Can anyone tell me what should be done and how much it will cost?

There are probably rubber boots at the two ends of your steering rack. I’d make one guess that they may very well be full of PS fluid. If that is true then you probably have to replace the rack and you’re likely looking at something in the neighborhood of $5-800.

At an auto parts store find some Lucas power steering stop leak. Put that in next time and see what happens.

The power steering pump on your vehicle is driven by the cam shaft and is mounted to the front of the head. If the seal at the pump shaft is leaking the power steering fluid can leak into the engine. Has anyone checked to see if the oil level is rising?


How much fluid disappears over a month? I would try the stop-leak before anything else…