1997 Saturn SL2 *Hard Steering*

I bought a 1997 Saturn SL2 and it’s very hard to streer. Are these cars made this way or do I have a problem that needs to be fixed? I know some cars don’t have power steering, but this cars steering is harder to steer than others I have drove without power steering. Are these cars just real hard to steer or should I check it out some way? If so what should I do? Thanks

First, check the power steering fluid level if the system is hydraulic. If that’s OK then ther could be a number of reasons. If the system is electric, you need to see a dealer or a specialty shop.

If hydraulic, the rack may be worn , the pump could be malfunctioning, or other reasons. A good mechanic can quickly determine what the exact problem is. You don’t have enough information here for us to pin point the cause.

As Docnick implies, the first thing to do is to determine if the car is equipped with power steering.
The next step will differ, depending on whether or not it came from the factory with PS.
Your post does not make it clear whether this car has PS, or not.

The power steering pump is run by an individual V-belt, and if the vehicle has airconditioning the belt will also run the compressor. Open the hood and see if this belt is missing.