No power steering from a full stop

Help! My 2000 Toyota Solara reached 100,000 miles last month. I am the original owner and have ALWAYS kept up with its required service. Last month I replaced (after getting a 2nd opinion) the rack & pinion and had the power steering fluid was flushed. The power steering was so much looser afterwards. The car drove great until this weekend when I noticed that when the car is at a full stop, there is NO power steering! That means for me to turn the car at a stop light, I have to glide it to a slow crawl if I want any hope of turning it. And parallel parking was only possible with my husband sitting beside me turning the wheel with me! When the car is moving (even at a very slow speed) the steering is great. It’s only when the car is stopped and I need to turn the wheel. Any ideas? The mechanic who replaced the rack & pinion is new to me so I don’t know if I should take it back to him or if I got swindled by him. Please help!

This may be as simple as tightening or replacing a belt. But there’s no reason you have to diagnose the problem yourself. Your recent work came with a warranty - 30 days, 90 days, maybe 1 year parts & labor. Read your receipt. Bring the car back to the mechanic, with your paperwork, and show him what the car is/isn’t doing. He should make good on his warranty.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll call them now. I forgot all about the warranty. You’re right, I’ll have to read my receipt but I’m almost positive there was a warranty.

Was your mechanic a Toyota specialist? I like using a independant who specializes in my make.

If the fluid level is good, I think you have a problem with the new rack. The spool valve isn’t working.