1998 Nissan Pathfinder dash doesn’t light up

The main light on the cluster to light up the board is not working. I replace the fuse but nothing plus all the light on my dashboard doesn’t light up. I don’t know what to do.

question: Is the dimmer all the way down?
question #2- is the headlight switch actually on? I’ve known a couple folks who saw the headlights on because of the daytime running lights and assumed their headlights were on- when they were not.
question #3: was the fuse you replaced bad?
question #4- does the rest of the dash work- ie gauges, odometer, etc.?

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Everything work but the light for the odometer light and the dashboard doesn’t work.

ok, now answer my 3 other questions…

the dimmer is up
the fuse are fine
dash light doesn’t come on

one more thing to be sure of :arrow_up:

It is very possible that the lights are burned out. I would check the bulbs.

Yes there are on.

Check if the tail lights are working.