Nissan pathfinder electrical problem?

My 95 Nissan pathfinder recently broke down and it took a few weeks for me to fix. The problem was that the clutch pedal wasn’t pushing in the clutch switch to get it started. No that I’ve fixed that, with a small piece of metal held on with a strong glue over the manufactured hole on the clutch so the switch can be pushed in. Now that my vehicle runs the lights on the dashboard do not work. The door open, tire carrier, seat belt light etc. the rpm gauge doesn’t move at all when I hit the gas, the temperature gauge doesn’t move, and the ac won’t run. I don’t use the ac but it was working after I got the car running. What could be the issue and how can I fix it? Thanks

It sounds like you may have unknowingly unplugged a wire loom when you were
doing the “Duct tape repair” to the brake light switch.
Get back under there and look for a plug that is hanging free.

Also, why not just buy a new brake light switch.


You may have blown a fuse in panel under the hood or in the dash panel. Check the fuses carefully as may folks overlook a bad fuse thinking it is good. There may be some fusible links involved also. They should be near the battery area. If the fuses are okay then check the connectors going to the dash cluster. One may be loose or has fallen off.