Dashboard Lights not working

I have no dash lighting on my 1998! I’ve checked all fuses and they are all in working order. What is the next direction to head in?

Check the dimmer. Next, since you checked the fuses, check the dashboard grounding. Also make sure you have really checked all the fuses and circuit barkers. You may need a manual to find them all.

Good Luck

Have you tried adjusting the dash light dimmer control?

First, be certain your tail lights are working. On many cars, the dashlights are on the same circuit as the tail lighgts. If the tail lights are not working, then check out that circuit. If the tail lights are working, then as others have suggested, the problem is in the rheostat that dims the lights. It is either turned all the way down or has burned out. I had this rheostat quit in a 1990 Ford Aerostar that I once owned.