1999 Toyota 4Runner, Instrument Cluster Lights

The instrument cluster on my 99 4runner went totally dark recently. All the individual lights still work such as open door, brake, check engine light, etc. My first thought was to replace the 3 lights that lights up the speedometer, tachometer, etc. Bought new lights from dealership and installed. Still dark. I’m not sure if it matters but I took them out and installed the opposite way. Still dark. One more interesting thing. Still drove it while I was waiting for lights to come in at dealership, they had to order them. Well during that time my tail lights went out. Saw a video that confirmed I blew a fuse. Replaced fuse. That fixed tail lights but instrument cluster still dark. Is there a fuse that would only effect those three lights on the instrument cluster?? Any ideas appreciated. Thanks

Is there a fuse that would only effect those three lights on the instrument cluster??

Unlikely. More probably a bad connection in the cluster.

The tail light and tail light relay feed the dash lights. Also, the dimmer could be bad. The dimmer isn’t turned down is it?

I’m in agreement that the dimmer could be bad (assuming it hasn’t accidentally been turned down) or the circuit in the main lighting switch which provides power to the dimmer has failed.

I’ll bet there was nothing wrong will the instrument cluster lights before the cluster was removed. The lack of instrument cluster lighting was a warning to get out and check the tail light operation.

A friend of mine had this problem on a new-ish Corolla, and it turned out all it was, the dial that sets the amount of desired dash illumination had been inadvertently turned off.

Cleaned the dash and turned down the lights on my Camry accidentally.

Check Fuses…of course…Find and remove the one responsible to inspect AND to physically move the connection…sometimes fuse good but corrosion gets in the way… THE DIMMER is a very common suspect. Once in a while a disconnect of the plugs in back of the cluster does the trick… The light switch on the stalk… As a last resort when you verify that power is being supplied properly…as well as GROUNDS… Take the cluster apart and clean the bulbs contacts… Bout all the possibles I can think of.


I know this was awhile ago but did you ever figure out the problem? Im having the same problem with my 2002 4runner. Tried everything…so frustrating!