You guys told me to put Seafoam in my tank and now the car runs like junk


Tasted great though!


Oh, I dunno, did you drink some to find out?

Did I tell you about one of my favorite beers? It’s called Old Engine Oil from Harviestoun Brewery in Scotland. It’s black and appears oily, just like the original, or eponym, for @shadowfax. Great beer, and worth the money.


Ever try Fat Tire beer? To me it smells like rubber.


I’ve tried both of those beers. Liked the engine oil a lot, but it’s really hard to find, at least where I live. Fat Tire was… Fine. Not something I’d seek out, but not liquid garbage like Schlitz or Natty Ice.

I actually really like Old Speckled Hen, which is car related because it’s named after a car at the former MG factory where the beer is made.


Good beer… Did not know it came from the MG factory!

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I don’t remember what brand it was I believe it was made in Milwaukee Wisconsin the slogan was Fire Brewed I tried it and to me it had a burnt taste. I don’t know if they even make it anymore.

I haven’t tried Old Speckled Hen. I’ll look for it. Finding an obscure beer is especially difficult in Maryland since the liquor stores can only sell the product that the distributors stock. They may not, on any planet, in any universe, buy from another source. I guess you can tell what I think about that rule. Oh, and Old Engine Oil is very hard to find here too.

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I usually drink Land Shark, was at a club that did not have it. Tried Peroni, interesting, complex taste.

Cartalk now alcohol talk?

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Robert A. Heinlein mentioned a whiskey called Old Underwear. The story was By His Bootstraps.

Maybe typo, tankard , not tank? … lol

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Shouldn’t that story have been “By his Jockstrap”? (The devil made me say that)

6% alc by volume? 94% water? Yes, that is not good. How about ever clear?

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The genuine Seafoam product might not do any harm, but is likely snake oil.

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The genuine Seafoam is by no means snake oil. It’s not a miracle in a can as some seem to think it is. But it’s a pretty decent solvent.

That bottle of wine might have some snake oil in it though… :thinking:


I think Seafoam is grotesquely overpriced, and good grief what an impossibly dumb name.

Agree with the dumb name that would sound more like a cleaning product for a boat :grinning:

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My 86 2 cycle lives an that stuff!

Stroh’s was the “fire brewed” beer. It originated in Detroit, Michigan. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio in the 60s and 70 and it was fairly popular there. I think Stroh’s is now part of Pabst.


Thank you for that information that is the one I was thinking of I never was a big beer drinker and can’t keep up with all the names.

I went with my daughter one day, she went to pick up a bottle of wine to bring to a friends house. you should see all the crazy names they came up with on the wine bottles. some are really funny.

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