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Oil question that I HAVE NEVER SEEN

I have a question about oil but don;t want to get into a discussion about weight’s brand’s change interval’s dino or synethetic’s. My truck is old & use’s a little oil it goe’s through a 2 to 3 quart’s every month or two. My question is recently every can I open has the paper under the lid & when that is removed there is a thin skin on top of the oil like you get on top of can of paint when you only use part of the paint & reseal the can & after it set’s around for a period of time & you reopen it has a skin over it. Has anyone else seen this? By the way this is dino that I am talking about.

Yes I have here although I don’t think that it’s common to all brands of oil.

I haven seen that but I only have synthetic around. I think it is part of the seal that separates from the paper. I just throw it away.

I was thinking it was on the Royal Purple I use in the Mustang.


Thank you it is something I had seen until recentily did not know if somthing changed in the bottling procees or not by the way I use walmart brand.

Is the thin skin on top of the end of the bottle under the paper that you peel off? I’ve seen that a million times. Or it it on top of the oil itself, like the skin that forms on cold gravy lol? Cause that’s weird.

There is a air bubble between the paper & the oil it is nothing I have seen before.

I may need a picture.

If the skin isn’t on the oil itself, I wouldn’t sweat it. But I don’t like skins on my oil. Or my gravy. I hate that.

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I just remembered something I did see it one other time when I was still working it was on a gallon of rotella when I was away up north in the winter the the temp was below 0 being from the south I thought is was because of the cold .

I have no way of getting a picture as II have no way taking one or the knowledge of posting one.

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So I have really old oil I have used, sediment on the bottom, I just shake it up and move on, it is for a snowblower. Just remembering a quote from somewhere, any oil is better than no oil.

Never seen it, but then I don’t usually look into the bottle.

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I don;t usually look in the bottle either but did look when it was only dribbling out,

I have poured oil in a truck at -25 F… it doesn’t pour fast but there is nothing blocking it. It was 10W-40 Rotella. Back in the days when we were using gas engine tractors it was 5W-20Atlantic Aviation in the winter and 20W40 in the summer.

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Like I said it was cold below 0 can’t remember how far below but you are right it sure was not fast.

I haven’t seen that skim effect on any Pennzoil engine oil I’ve purchased. I changed the oil on both my vehicles using Pennzoil conventional or high mileage in the past couple of months, so it seems like I would have noticed that. But I can’t stay I’ve been specifically looking for skim on top of the oil either. I usually purchase 5 quart containers, so that may have something to do w/it.

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