You guys told me to put Seafoam in my tank and now the car runs like junk

I am not a wine drinker but I can imangine what you are talking about just walk down the drink or juice aisle in the grocery store to see some crazy names and mixes. I don’t recall what they were selling but years back there was a TV commercial I believe was for a fruit juice that said flavors mother nature never intended.

The guy who formulated it in the 30’s used it in his outboard boat motor. It was first used in outboard motors and junk, hence the name.

I don’t know how it’s priced relative to similar products. I really don’t buy fuel injector treatments or carbon solvents that often.

One of my favorites is Clos de Gilroy from Bonny Doon Vineyard. It’s genesis is obscure, and I’ll explain it. Bonny Doon is in Santa Cruz, CA, and that is close to Gilroy, CA. They thought that they would poke a little fun at wines with pretentious names. Good wine, too, and not expensive.

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It is like picking a DR. because he has good bedside manner, what do I care as long as the results are good.

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I have a hard time finding it, but Old Engine Oil is delicious. I had one once called Old Viscosity. Nice dark Imperial Stout, quite delicious. And it had a nice black appearance too.

I occasionally drink Wine. Not a connoisseur at all. I couldn’t tell a $1,000 bottle of wine from a $10 bottle of wine. The CEO of my company and his brother got stung by a huge Wine scandal. Between the two of them they spent several hundred thousands of dollars on counterfeit Wine. I can be assured that the Coors Light I’m drinking is real. No one is going to want to counterfeit it. I’m not dissing Coors Light. It’s my preferred beer. Except during the summer when I drink Sam’s Summer Ale. That’s Sam Adams, Not Sam Walton.

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Ahh yes, Seafoam wine the one with the lingering aroma of New Jersey near I-95!

But do any of you guy remember the Pittsburgh Brewing Company’s “Old Frothingslosh, The pale, stale ale with the foam on the bottom”?
From back in the days when brewers still had a sense of humor and didn’t take their product too seriously

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With famed go-go dancer Fatima Yechberg on the label? My grandfather served Iron City at his bar, and I’m reasonably sure that Pittsburgh Brewing Co. put it in the Old Frothingslosh cans. I understand that they would can anything as long as you bought the minimum order quantity.

Ah yes

Gilroy is known for its garlic crop and the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival, featuring various garlicky foods such as garlic ice cream, leading to the city’s nickname, the Garlic Capital of the World.

Don’t know about garlic wine though …

I remember Olde Frothingslosh. I just looked it up on Wikipedia. It started out as a joke by Pittsburgh radio personality Regis Cordic. Iron City took him up on the joke and canned it, put different humo(u)rous labels on it, shipped it upside-down.

If I’m not mistaken, it was Stroh’s, from Detroit, that claimed to be “fire brewed”.

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Yeah, just a marketing gimmick. Not like they had open pots of wort over roaring fires. Fire was involved, though:

“ In the 20th century, the brewery became famous for its “fire-brewed” beer. The Stroh brewing kettles were heated directly by gas flames instead of by the more modern method of steam. The high heat underneath the kettle slightly caramelized the malt sugars in the wort, which was said to give the Stroh beers a finer and deeper malt flavor.”

I’d be surprised if much caramelization occurred. Sure didn’t taste any different to me.

Drank Steam Beer in San Fran, nationwide now I guess. Also drank Lucky Lager with a forester bud of mine. Now I will not tell you the stories behind Nude beer, but condensation made the bikini disappear!, though a friend I used to go to barn dances in Southern IL, had a beer tshirt she loved to wear, If you like my mountains you will love my Bush (beer of course)


A friend was commercial builder/landlord. He had a tennant give him 100 cases of skunked wine as payment once. Could not swallow it. He said take as much as I want. Had 2-3 skids of boxed wine in his warehouse. Ugh. Awful. Don’t recall where it went. Gutter? Maybe the renter left it when he moved out? As revenge?

Brake cleaner. :wink:

Could have distilled it, homemade brandy.

If it tastes bad as wine, it will still taste bad as brandy.

Time to make some vinegar.