Wont turn over

my son wrecked his moms 94 camry done lil damage busted cond and rad but now the car wont turn over does the fuel cutoff switch kill the starter also?

Describe “won’t turn over.” Some people say this when they mean that it cranks but won’t start. But “turn over” is cranking. So right now I don’t know if the car cranks but won’t start, or won’t crank at all.

wont crank at all will the fuel cutoff switch kill the feed to the starter?

No, the fuel cutoff won’t do that. If this is an automatic transmission, try starting it from neutral. Though given that you say it was “wrecked” - its going to be hard for anyone on the internet to help all that much with what amounts to a one “sentence” (loosely speaking) description.

Did you at least put a meter on the battery to see if it has any charge on it? Check the cables at the battery & starter?

The batt is fully charged did not put a meter it hit the road as it went off and bent the rad support thats all the dam done did try it in nutral just wandering if the cable jumped off and the trans aint all the way in park even though the shifter is

You might want to check the battery to see if any of the plates within the battery are shorted out from the impact from the accident.

I had a Sebring where the battery is located in front of the left front tire come in where that tire hit a curb. The shock of hitting the curb was enough to shake the plates loose within the battery shorting them and preventing the engine from starting. So the battery had to be replaced.