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1989 Toyota Camry Won't turn over

I have an 89’ Toyota Camry. Left lights on, dead battery. Tried to jump in the dark, might have crossed wires. Blew main fuse, replaced it and battery. Car cranks but does not turn over. I do not think it is getting spark, could not see it. What’s wrong?

If you crossed the wires when jumping the car, you could have damaged the cars computer. The computer controls spark, timing, and fuel injection. I think you have to get the car to a mechanic for this one.

Check the fusible link, too. I think that shuts down the systems, but will still allow the car to turn over, and not start.

Uncle Turbo: Anyway to tell for sure if this is the culprit, I just need to get rid of the car and it is not worth taking to the shop.

Chaissos: I changed the link behind the battery terminal, where is the fusible link?

Thanks for your help. I will check those ideas.

The only way to know for sure is when you get the car running again. Not much I can recommend for you to try, it needs a mechanic with some diagnostic equipment at this point.

Yep, check all fuses including for the ECM/computer.

Terminology check: Car turning over=starter motor turning engine over or cranks.
Car starting=Engine firing, starting, or running.

So to avoid confusion, tell the mechanic it cranks or turns over but does not fire or start.