69 Camaro will not start

went to get gas in my 69 Camaro,stopped to pay insurance and it started right back up went and stopped for gas and it would not even turn over nothing at all but had full battery after putting on back of tow truck and getting home got in and started right up and drove off of truck 2nd time it has done this has new starter any ideas

I take it the battery cables and grounds are clean. If the starter was from Autozone or Advance I would not rule it out. I went through 2 of them before buying a Napa starter.

I think this car may have separate starter solenoid, check the cables and connections, when in a non start condition there are ways to bypass the solenoid, but if you do not hear a click when turning the key that is where I would look first.

If it has an automatic transmission, the problem might be with the park/neutral safety switch.