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Dead truck

Hello, I am the owner of a 2006 nissan frontier and i was driving my truck and i hit a bump and shortly after wards my truck turned off. As i attempted to turn it back on nothing happened. The lights would come back on everything would come back on but when i tried to turn it over nothing would happen. please help…

Check the battery cables (BOTH ends of each cable as well as the ground cable between the frame and the engine. Disconnect each connection, clean it and re-attache it.

By nothing, I assume you mean no starter noises. This could be something wrong in the starter circuit between the switch and the starter itself. It could also be something wrong with the battery or the starter. Try cleaning the battery terminals and se if that helps. I like to use baking powder mixed with just enough water to make a paste. It is extremely effective on neutralizing acid and battery corrosion.

If it fails to turn over, much more diagnosis is required. An engine needs 4 things to run, air, fuel, compression, and spark. Usually when something like this happens, you check for fuel pressure. If that is OK, then use a stethescope to hear if the injectors are pulsing. Next is check for spark at the plugs. A no spark condition could mean a lot of things, but the computer should help, since it controls the spark and monitors for mis-fires. Another thing to check for is the timing belt, but yours looks like a chain. At only 4 years old, I doubt this is the cause.

All modern vehicles have a “kill” function built into them to stop the fuel pump in a “rollover” type of accident. Perhaps hitting the bump put your vehicle at such an angle that the fuel safety switch was triggered and cut off fuel to the motor.

There is a way to “reset” the switch which is very much like a circut breaker in your home. Check you owner’s manual index under “fuel system” to see if there is a reset procedure for your truck.