1975 Chevy Pickup C10


I have a 1975 pickup that has not been driven in a while. It needed a radiator which I installed and now I can’t get it to turn over. The battery is charged, I’ve had the starter and cellunoid checked and they are ok, I have installed a new ignition switch and ket ignition. Still nothing. Any ideas? Thanks. JG


When you say it won’t “turn over” are you saying it doesn’t go rrrr-rrrrr-rrrr when you try to start it, or does it do that and just not start? If you just get a solid clunk from the starter you could have a seized engine, but if it does crank, then that’s not the problem.

Fuel and ignition are the 2 most common cause of a crank with no start condition. You might have a blockage in the air intake or exhaust (rodent nests) since it’s been sitting for a while.


Thanks for your reply…it does nothing when I turn the key. Just silent.


Ah, well, now that’s different. Any dash lights? If not check for the battery cables being clean and tight, especially ground wires. Check for bad fusible links. It would help if you had a meter or test light to see if there is voltage at the starter/solenoid. By the way, how were those tested? Check for voltage at the ignition switch also. Check all the fuses. I suspect this will be simple once you find it.


Sometimes the battery cables corrode right up the cables for about nine inches. Some Chevies in the 70s used aluminum cables and they get really useless after a while. The ground cable, even if it is copper might have cracked insulation and be corroded away.


Have an automatic transmission? If so, try shifting into NEUTRAL and attempting to start it.
You may have a defective neutral safety switch.

I assumed you replaced the electrical part of the ignition switch, not the key and tumbler. Switch adjusted correctly?