my windshield washer quit working the other day.on my 1997 nissan pickup 2 .4 liter 4 cyl.i check the fuse it was good.anyone know were the pump located.

On most vehicles, the pump is located directly underneath the ww tank. That is the first place that I would look. If it is not underneath the tank, just follow the rubber tubing from the bottom of the tank and it will lead you to the pump, which should be very close to the tank.

Also check if there’s a plugged line or the spray nozzels, instead of a bad pump (that’s what happened to my FIL’s Nissan pickup). Do this by disconnecting a fitting near the tank and seeing if fluid squirts out when you try the washer.

I can’t see your p.u. from here, but I will say it’s under the hood IN the washer fluid bottle, either on the left or right side of the engine depending on the compartment layout.
When you activate the washer switch do you hear the hum from the pump? If you do, the fault may not be the pump but the hose or nozzles.

Today, most are IN the tank, held in by a circular clip…