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Windshield washer not spraying

Hi All,
I have a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix V6 and for some reason my washer fluid sprayer just stopped working. Yes, the fluid is full…hahaa. So anyways, I checked the fuses and they seem to be ok. Any ideas on what I can check before tearing it apart or bringing it in? How do you know if the motor is bad? Where is the motor located in this car? The wipers are working fine, but it’d be nice to clean the windows. I’ll take any suggestions I can get!

Thanks much everyone :slight_smile:

Not familiar with your car, but the pump is usually attached to the bottom of the water reservoir.

Have someone turn on the washer while you stand in front of the car with the engine not running. If the pump spins and you can hear it hum, it is almost certainly OK.

I presume you have taken a fine needle or the wire from a steel brush and checked the nozzles to see if they are plugged up?

The last thing to check is - most cars have a check valve somewhere to keep the water in the lines so it does not drain back to the reservoir between uses. The check valve can be anywhere from inside the nozzles to clear down at the pump. Those usually last about 10 years, but if you use really hard water or dirt got in your reservoir, that might be your problem.

If the pump spins and the nozzles are clear, someone is just going to have to take the whole system apart until they find the obstruction.