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1998 Buick Century-w/washer pump

How do I get to the pump?the resevoir is behind the battery on the passenger side-inside the fender?

You may not have to get to the reservoir. I have purchased universal windshield washer pumps that splice into the windshield washer lines. These come with a wiring diagram so that you can make the connections.

Also, be certain that your pump is in the reservoir. My 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass has the pump as part of the wiper motor. I’ve seen kigts to rebuild these pumps.

You might check with an auto parts store about the universal pump. This is less expensive than an OEM pump. I even bought a unversal pump at WalMart at one time.

the pump is in the resevoir and not part of the wiper motor,I traced the fluid line down to inside the fender and behind the battery,looks like a big job to get to and replace.

You still may be able to do this. If you can blow into the reservoir, the line is open. I wouldn’t try to suck fluid out–it is toxic. The universal pump splices into the line.
I have also installed complete systems in cars that didn’t have windshield washers as standard equipment. The system consisted of a reservoir bag, a bulb with a check valve and the lines to connect from the nozzles to the bulb to the reservoir. The bulb goes in the car on the floorboard and you step on the bulb to get a squirt of fluid on the windshield. It’s all mechanical and basically fool proof. I don’t know if these windshield washer kits still exist, but you might check the J.C. Whitney online catalog.

On the other hand, if you aren’t a cheap skate like me, you may want to repair the system the “correct” way.

Windshield Washer Pump
Removal & Installation
To Remove:

  1. Remove the right front inner fender liner (if required).
  2. Disconnect the electrical connector and washer hose from the washer pump.
  3. Place a container under the pump to catch the fluid when the pump is removed.
  4. The pump is retained by a grommet. Pull the washer pump from the washer reservoir.
    To Install:
  5. Press the pump into the reservoir grommet.
  6. Connect the electrical connector and washer hose to the washer pump.
  7. Install the right front inner fender liner (if required).

Warning!! Ignore Triedaq’a advice.

Triedaq left his computer logged in and I just read his solution to your windshield washer problem. His advice is worth what you paid for it. I could go on and on, but here are a couple of his cheapskate repairs.

  1. Windshield washer. He fixed our 1978 Oldsmobile with a universal pump so he wouldn’t have to replace the wiper motor. The way it worked originally, you pushed in the wiper button and released. A measured amount of fluid was squirted on the windshield. With his repair, you have to hold the button in to keep the fluid sqirting on the windshield. On an earlier car, he installed some kind of system he bought from J.C. Whitney where you had to stomp on a dome shaped bulb to pump fluid on the windshield. It usually took several stomps.

  2. He repaired a horn switch on one of our vehicles by rigging a button up on the side of the steering column so he wouldn’t have to have the steering wheel pulled. It made it hard to honk the horn.

  3. Our slantback 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass didn’t have a rear window defroster. Triedaq’s solution: He mounted two fans on the rear package shelve and put a switch on the dashboard. It did defrost the rear window, but it really looked goofy.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. Fortunately, his job keeps him so busy that we have a wonderful indpendent shop that keeps our cars humming.

Mrs. Triedaq

to bennyandthejets:
Your solution sounds like it came from a manual,I will try it.

That was it,problem solved. Thanks