Windshield Washer

I took the windshield washer reservoir off my 1995 Cutlass Supreme to change the battery. Put everything back together correctly, but the fluid doesn’t pump to the windshield. What did I do wrong? Yes, there’s fluid in the reservoir.

There’s a wire attached to the bottle…actually, to a little electric pump. See if it’s still connected.

Did you make sure the electrical connector is securely attatched?

Yes, the wire is secure. Perhaps there’s air in the lines? I ran the pump for a minute but didn’t want to burn it out. I also see that there is no dedicated fuse for the pump, so that’s not it. Strange!

Is the pump located in the bottom of the tank or located under the windshield wiper motor(like 80’s Cutlass) or else where?

Try to see if you can disconnect the washer hose coming out of the pump or as close to it as you practically can. Run the pump to see if water sprays out of the opening. The further away the pump is from the tank the longer it will take to displace. Make sure the lines are not leaking or are plugged. There may be a screen on the suction side of the pump and it could be clogged.

Good Luck

The pump is at the bottom of the fluid reservoir–very accessible. I’ll give your tip a try. Thanks!

It was the washer pump. Thanks!