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Windshield wipper fluid

I have a 1998 Buick Century,Cannot get the fluid to pump onto the windshield,fluid reservoir is full,pump sounds like it’s working,lines are clear-took one line off and blew threw it,also wippers park in the up position when shut off,any ideas??

I’ve seen the plastic impeller blade shear off the washer pump motor shaft. So the washer pump functions but no fluid gets pumped to the washer nozzles. The wipers parking in the vertical position probably points to the wiper motor park mechanism malfunctioning.


Thank you,I will check the washer pump and the condition of the impeller blade.

I’m having trouble getting to the reservoir,to get the pump out,It’s behind the battery and partially under the passenger’s side front fender.Whats the easiest way to get to this?

Do I need to remove the battery,or take the inner fender out?What is the easiest way to get to the ww-pump?