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Nissan Altima Windsheild washer solution not spraying

I filled my washer tank full, when tried to spray, only the wiper moved but the solution never came.
In the evening, i cleaned the spouts, with a tiny pin hoping that it will clear the dirt out, tried, didn’t work either.
Got pissed off, opened the hood, and saw the tank empty to my embarrassment.

Q. Is the pump broken, hose broken , please help me what to look for and where and how to fix ?

If you opened the hood, and all the washer lines are intact then one would suspect the washer pump at the bottom of the reservior is shot.

These are called wetted pumps. Which means they need to see the fluid all the time.


I think you found your own answer, an empty reservoir. Clearly you have a leak somewhere, likely in the reservoir itself. Fill up again, perhaps with plain water, and inspect for leaks.

SteveF is correct.
There is obviously a leak, but instead of the reservoir itself, I suspect that the washer line at the base of the reservoir is probably disconnected or broken as a result of age (since you didn’t reveal the model year, “age” is just a possibility, of course). You will likely not be able to see this from above.

Thanks let me try . It’s a 94 Altima

Are you sure you filled the windshield washer reservoir and not the radiator coolant reservoir? Others who have posted have made this mistake.
How much time elapsed between filling the reservoir and trying the washer? If you tried it right away, I think that the leaking tank would have dumped the fluid out on ground and it would have been noticeable.

“It’s a 94 Altima”

After 18 years of high under-hood temperatures, it is definitely possible for one of those lines to have just dried out to the point where it cracked, especially if it makes a tight turn somewhere near the base of the reservoir. If you can manage to remove the reservoir (not easy to access on the most modern cars, possibly easier on a car of this age), you will likely find a broken/cracked/disconnected line underneath it.