Windshield washer pump

I just had the windshield replaced on my 2006 Honda Odyessy, and now the windshield washer barely squirts out. The rear works fine. and all the hoses seem to be connected.

Try taking a safety pin to the hole where the water come out.

The person who replaced the pump should have cleaned the nozzels like hd72mm has instructed. Perhaps the pump replacer was not a pro (this detail is left out) as a pro surely whould not have delivered your car to you with clogged nozzels after a pump replacement.

Clean the holes where the fluid comes out. Usually they can be “aimed” too, if they’re not pointing in the right direction. A straight pin works well for this.

Are the actual squirters on the hood or on the cawl or in the wiper arm ?

alot of times the hose gets pinched under the cowl vent cover when the windshield is replaced they take off the cowl cover and the wiper arms. So i would make sure nothings getting pinced.

Alot of people don’t realize that if you have hood mounted washer nozzels that they can be adjusted to diffrent angles. To do this you will need a very small flat bladed srew driver. Most nozzles that I have adjusted has a small slot where the washer fluid comes out. Take the screw driver and rotate it in this slot and it may solve your problem. If not check the washer fluid lines to see if there is any kinks in it that may be stopping or slowing the fluid. If this is ok then I would unhook the fluid line to the nozzle an take compressed air and try to clear out your nozzle it may be blocked. While I had the hoses disconnected try your washer to see if it comes out the unhooked lines to the washer nozzles.