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Window Washer Spray

My Window Washer doesn’t want to hit the window in the correct spot. It’s a 1997 Geo Prism. I see where you are suppose to insert a needle but the spray comes out but too low to cover the windshield

Most cars will allow you to put a pin in the spray nozzle and then move the pin to move (re-aim) the nozzle to where you want. It make take a few tries as it may not hit the same spot when you are driving (wind blowing the stream) as when you are parked.

Check if theres old wax or debrie in the nozzle. You my have to remove the nozzle from the hood to clean it. Use a old toothbrush and a needle or pin.

I tried the pin treat last night and it was better. But then I heard a something like dripping and wasn’t sure if it was from the drive or if the fluid was running from the car. I have a hard time opening the hood so I thought I would wait till this evening. Maybe I need a new hose or ?? Seemed like I lost more washerfluid then normal. I tried it again when I got to work and it’s about the same as before maybe a little better. Any suggestions about if there is leak?

Thanks for your advice. I found a leak in the hose near the windshield. The hose had to be replaced (no parts) for the old one. I brought it to a mechanic and he managed to fix it for $60.