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Windshield washer

My windshield wipers work fine, however, the windshield washer that squirts water onto the windshield hardly does. Any way this can be fixed?

Usually, the discharge nozzles become plugged. I’ve opened them up by sticking a pin in the end and then activating the washer. I’ve also gotten the washer to function properly by removing the hose that leads to the nozzles and blowing as hard as I can. The problem could be a wsak pump, but I would bet on a clog in the nozzles.

You’ll probably need to clean the jets in the squirter head. They tend to get clogged and you’ll just need to poke a needle through to unclog.

Not to ask the obvious, but do you have low temp fluid in the reservoir? If your fluid is (partially) frozen it will spray only with difficulty if you are experiencing cold weather.

Where I live The -34F Washer Juice Freezes. It’s Caused By Global Cooling!