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Problem with washer nozzles

The nozzles of my car where replaced 3 days ago i try to use them today but they aim almost to the sky so barely no water is sprayed into the windshield is there a way to adjust them ?

thanks in advance for you advice

On many cars, the nozzles can be adjusted by inserting a straight pin into the nozzle and rotating the little ball-like device containing the nozzle. Just be careful not to insert the pin more than a very small amount.

And, bear in mind that this advice may not apply to all cars. If the nozzle aperture is not contained in a small ball-like device, then I suggest that you not attempt this procedure. However, I also have to say that whoever installed new nozzles, is also responsible for aiming them properly.

Well thanks a lot i will try to adjust the ones that where replaced to test and if it works i will try with the new ones i dont want to mess them just 2 days after i got them .
thanks a lot

Why not take the car back to where the work was done? They probably forgot to adjust them. OTOH, leave them where they are. It is a real neat feature if someone in a convertible is tailgating you.