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Windshield crack in 2016 Kia Sportage

Has anyone with a 2016 Kia sportage had issues with the front windshield cracking unexpectedly?

A windshield cracking on any vehicle is not unusual.

The windshield is one of the structural components of the vehicle.

Sometimes the body flexes where windshield can’t keep up, and the windshield cracks.

2016 vehicle?

Probably has full coverage insurance.

Most insurance company’s will replace the windshield at no cost because it’s a safety issue.


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Some models are more prone to this than others. Seems the first Toyota minivan - Previa? - had this problem.

Your 2016 might be covered by the carmaker’s warranty. That would avoid your having to go through your insurance company, and might mean you’re more likely to get a new and improved installation compared to the factory original.

I don’t see any windshield related service bulletins.