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2018 Kia Sportage windshield cracked without reason

My windshield cracked for no apparent reason - no chips or divots - anyone else have this problem?

Would it make you feel better if we did have this problem, too?


Of course some people have and all they do is contact their insurance company . Since this is a 2018 you surely have full coverage.

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If she came to us through Ask Someone, she could be forgiven for thinking she might find someone this has happened to. It’s probably annoying at best, and scary at worst.

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Just trying to understand why she, and others would ask this question. Not trying to be flippant. I’m not going to guess at motivation, I’d really like to know what her answer is.


People have reported similar things here from time to time, so it can happen. Glass can be under a lot of internal stress, so a hidden defect combined with a temperature change can do this, especially if the crack started from the edge. Your insurance policy will likely cover this with no deductible.


So the short answer is “Yes”. It does happen. Your warranty should also cover this, but the dealer may decide to try and blame you.

Although I can’t say I have this problem, I have seen reports (and Technical Service Bulletins) for certain make/model/model-year vehicles that exhibit an unusual number of cracked windshields, with no apparent cause.

If I recall, some vehicles have had problems with the body flexing too much, under certain circumstances, and that fractures the glass. Others were built with flaws in spot welds, stampings, or other issues concerning the windshield body opening.

Here’s one example I found in a quick search, concerning another manufacturer:

Are you the original owner of this vehicle?

Has the car been wrecked or does it have a “salvage title”?

Approximately how many miles on this Kia?


These things are probably thinner than they have ever been all in the name of CAFE . Im sure once in a great while they will crack for no reason . Replace it and don’t worry about it .b

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