2013 Kia Sportage window blew out

I am wondering about my back window. it blow out.I heard there might be a recall on this? Just wondering if this is covered? Thanks Barbara

You can go to the Government recall site. A web search will help you find it . But your warranty has expired so this should be covered by your full coverage insurance if you have that. Glass failure like that is not vehicle specific , it can happen to any brand and the cause may never be known.

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I’ve never heard a recall issued for a vehicle because one of the windows shattered.

That’s because it happens to all kinds of vehicles all of the time.


No recall for that issue. There are three complaints about the sunroof spontaneously shattering. Explain your problem a little more. Did the window pop out, or did it break into pieces, then fall out? If it broke into pieces, were they large or small? Have you discussed this with your insurer? You may have glass coverage and they will pay for it. If all else fails, ask the dealer if they will discuss replacement with Kia at their cost. Don’t expect that they will.

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Never heard of a Recall being issued for broken glass simply because there are too many reasons it could break.

About 20 years ago i stopped at the post office in my small town to pick up the mail. As I drove off after shifting into first gear and the speedo needle barely moving there was a loud bang when the left rear door glass on my Subaru exploded suddenly. Just one of those things you have to live with and deal with on your own.
If this happened on a car that was a few weeks or months old Kia might step in and warranty it. On a 7 year old Kia I don’t think so. Too much water under the bridge.

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I think most car owners have glass coverage for broken windows. Now if the glass panel fell out it might not be glass breakage? Probably a collisions claim. That’s odd. A missing window. Is any part of the window left?

I’m finding similar complaints but in the short term at least you’re going to get the glass replaced. I’ve used Safelite before and their mobile guy did an amazing job, well set up to do the work in your driveway. You could push Kia for some sort of goodwill but i wouldn’t hold my breath. Just being honest.