Windows mysteriously opening spontaniously

The front driver’s and passenger’s side windows on my 2006 Murano, on at least 6 occasions, opened by themselves while the car was unoccupied, turned off and parked. I live in a city and have no garage, so my car is typically parked on a street and can easily can be stolen if the windows are open. Also rain and snow has entered the car on two of these incidents. I’ve taken the car to a Nissan dealer and they could not find any problem with the electrical system. Has anyone had a similar problem? If so, what solution have you found? Thanks for suggestions.


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Does your key have an ‘unlock’ button? I bet if you hold it down your windows go down.

Were your visits too the Dealer under a warranty status? If yes this explains the short “could not duplicate” response.

When I had a problem such as yours (even one I could not duplicate) I would prepare a response to the customer and this response would include some situations where it would be possible for the windows to roll themselves down.

I always looked at every customer complaint with a inital acceptance that what they are saying really did happen, very few (but some do) customers come to complain about things that never happened and they just have some time too spare, everyone initaly gets the benifit of the doubt and I tried to come up with a explaination.

How far down did the windows go? All the way? Anything in your owners manual that might explain how this could happen?

The windows go down without anyone in or near the car. I always keep the passenger windows locked when the car is parked, but this has no effect on the problem.

The dealers could not give me any explanation for this problem. There is nothing to doubt about this issue. It happens while the car is parked and unoccupied.

The windows go all the down and there is noting in the owners’ manual that addresses this problem. Any ideas of what the cause might be?

I think on most vehicles the ignition or accessories position has to be on for the windows to work. Not in this case though it appears. The switches for the windows must be making contact somehow for this to happen. You may need to replace them to solve the trouble. You could also change the wiring for the power to the window circuit to only have power while the ignition is on.

Many cars (like mine) have a feature to open all the windows even with the ignition off. (The status of the window lock switch does not affect this feature either.)
If you hold unlock down on the remote for more than two seconds all the windows open. If you put the key in the driver’s door and turn it to unlock and hold it there, all windows will open. It would help if the OP would quit ignoring the comments and check to see if there car will do this.

Istron, you need to read Tardis’ and my comments carefully. Regardless of any settings inside the car, many cars have the ability to open the car windows by holding down the ‘unlock’ button on your car key. Does your car key have such a button, and have you checked if it will roll down the windows when held down for a number of seconds? It can be accidentally pushed when in a pocket or purse, and if the car is near by, down go the windows.

Ron, Maybe you’re missing the point we’re trying to make about the remote’s window down ability.
We know you’re not pushing any buttons.

The point is

buttons may be getting pushed without you knowing !

Are you getting it yet ?

Where do you, and other family members, keep your/their keys ?

– this is important, and from personal experience,
My keys are on a spring hook that I clip on my right belt loop and drop the set down the right front pocket.
On several occasions I’ve heard my panic alarm sounding and found no one there. Turn it off and go to sit down again…bebebebebebebebebe. IT’S ME squashing the keys amongst themselves and inadvertently pushing who-knows-how-many buttons. How many times have I left my truck just un-locked and not known it ?
– At least once a week my phone will ring. Only office background noise can be heard, no one’s there…it’s my wife’s number and she’s poked buttons with items in her purse without knowing.

Are you getting it Ron ?
It can, and does, happen.

Thanks. My car’s key has the ability to open the windows by holding down the “unlock” button. However, for each incident, the key was in a key tray without anything or anyone coming in contact with it. In fact, the last time this happened, was in the middle of the night. Yes, I’m getting your reasoning. However, I’ve considered those possibilities, and I am careful to isolate the key from any pressure. This appears to me to be some sort of electrical problem. Also, in the most recent incident, my car was parked more than two blocks away, a far greater distance than the remote’s reach.

See my previous response. I’ve considered the possibility that you described, and have eliminated that possibility.

Your best solution might be to ask the dealer to turn off this window roll down feature in your car.

Typically, there is a Nissan Specific diagnostic tool that htey can plug into your car, and then select the option for the window roll down feature, and eithe renable it, or disable it.

Ask them if they can turn it off, and I bet if they can, you won’t have this problem anymore.


Thank you. That’s a great solution. I’ll ask my dealer to do this.

If this possibility exists it would have been one I presented to the customer when I returned his car with a “could not duplicate” explaination. It would have been like this “I don’t know why it is happening but I can fully disable this feature” I wonder why this option was not presented to you.

Another possibility is that someone that lives nearby has the same remote frequency as you. Most of these are not that sophisticated and have a limited number of operating frequencies. In a city it wouldn’t be inconceivable to be unlucky enough to have two with the same control frequency. Before the advent of rolling codes, a neighbor and I used to open or close two garage doors with our remotes. I’ve heard of people opening others cars with their keys too. Best bet is to disable it as suggested if you can.

Are your doors unlocked when you find the windows down ?
If the malfunction in that circuit still exists when you disable the windows down feature,
you will still find the doors unlocked periodiacally anyway.

I don’t know, but I’ll bring it up to my dealer.

This is also happening to my 2002 pathfinder. The front and passenger windows go down all the way. It started out happening only intermittantly, now it happens several times a day.
-keys are kept on a table so they are not inadvertantly being pushed
-the problem happens everywhere, so it is not an issue with a neighbors remote frequency
I have taken it to the dealership several times, am taking it in again today. Will post if they’re able to find a resolution.