Windows inexplicably rolled down



I can’t think of a logical explanation of what happened to my car. Last night when I got home it rained heavily along with thunder & lightning. This morning I found both front windows rolled down almost all the way and the seats, etc. soaked. I’m as certain as I can be that I did not leave the windows open. I believe my car does not have a feature that allows the key fob to operate the windows remotely. Nothing else appears out of the ordinary w/ the car, no damage to the locks or ignition is evident and the windows work entirely normally. Does anyone know of any car part that may be malfunctioning that would cause this? Or can anyone provide a logical explanation? Thanks.


Have you confirmed your fob won’t do it by holding down the ‘unlock’ button for an extended period?


I thought I did but apparently did not! (Soaked seats are a horrible way to learn of this feature.)

By the way, I’m fairly sure I didn’t hold down the unlock button at all and, if so, not for as long as it just took to activate. Are these transmitters known to go bad the same way the lock/unlock feature does when it locks the car without prompting? Thanks much.


It can happen with, say, a pen pushing the button in a pocket, or maybe under lots of stuff in a purse.


“I believe my car does not have a feature that allows the key fob to operate the windows remotely.”

Instead of just guessing or making assumptions about the features of your car, I would suggest that you open the Owner’s Manual and read the sections relating to the remote fob and possibly also the sections on the car’s controls. You might be surprised by all the things that you never knew about your car and its various luxury features.