Windows mysteriously opening spontaniously

What he was saying was that some cars have a feature where if you hold the unlock button on the remote, the windows will go down. I have a car that does this, and I discovered early on that if my keys were jammed up against the remote while in my pocket, they’d sometimes press and hold this button, making the windows mysteriously go down by themselves.

If yours does this, you should be sure that the button is not somehow being pushed when this happens.

I would consider the possibility that the switch on the driver’s door key lock might be getting shorted somehow. Maybe water is getting in/on it? You could test this theory by taking the door panel off, and disconnecting the wiring to the switch on the lock. If the roll downs stop, then you know that switch is at fault.

One situation might be that the battery is going low and this is it’s way of telling you it needs changed. If you haven’t swapped it out by now, the battery is 4 or 5 years old already

My 2017 Buick Cascada started doing this 9 months ago. I’d barely had it a year and it had 10,000 miles. All 4 windows go down on their own. Both I and my keys were 40 miles away. My father saw them up when we left and down later when he walked the dog. It’s never happened at home or at the same place. I’m taking Buick to arbitration because they refuse to try to figure it out or fix it. It happened in the pouring rain one time, so now I don’t know what damage was done to the interior leather seats or carpeted flooring.

If you bought your Buick because you thought that it was a reliable American car, the reality is that it was designed in Germany, where cars typically have a LOT more electrical/electronic problems than “real” US cars and Japanese cars. In addition to its German design, it was actually assembled in Poland, so I’m not too surprised that the Buick folks in The US have no clue regarding this imported vehicle that isn’t really a Buick.

My wife’s 2017 Cascada has had the same problem, both times in heavy rain storms! The carpet got soaking wet and squishy. I’ve gone through a lot of paper towels to mop it up, but there’s still lingering moisture, moisture that is now condensing on the inside of the windows and dripping on the dash. Now that cold weather is here, we have frost to scrape inside the car!
So… gotta wonder if there’s a flaw that needs fixing or if it’s just the inadvertent button push in my pocket?
But if the pocket is the problem, then why does this only happen in pouring rain??

More than likely, the problem is the result of inadvertent pressing of the button on the remote.

But, consider also that the “Buick” Cascada was designed in Germany (home to exceptionally problematic automotive electronic systems), and it was built in Poland.
With that heritage, what could possibly go wrong?

I had Arbitration last Monday regarding this issue. Buick swore no one else reported it. They never tried to repair. I won and my car is officially a Lemon. They cannot claim to not be aware of the issue any longer. I am now awaiting a vehicle repurchase.
I have only been around the car twice out of the approximately 10 times it’s happened. It is not the key in my case. Look up the Lemon Law in your state and the arbitration in your owner’s manual. Begin the process and you can let Buick know is has occurred, was not repaired and was Lemon Lawed according to Maryland requirements.

Dave Doolittle -
I wanted to check on your wife’s car and to see if you had any questions or needed anything. I would also report it to the NHSTA or NTSB if you haven’t. It may trigger a recall.

I Lemon Lawed my 2017 Buick Cascada for this reason. It is apparently happening to a lot of cars that have the feature on the key fob. I’ve never been near the car when it happened.

My 2010 Murano windows open the same way. I found sitting with key in pocket pressed the unlock button about a minute and they lower! I have set off alarm in pocket too! Now I hook key on carrabiner on belt lop!

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My car has been doing this several times now. At first I was blamed for the windows in the front (driver and passenger) are totally down. My car inside got soaked the other night. Than I came out from work and the windows were totally down. I was so happy nothin g was stolen out of the car. I work nights and it is so scary to come out in the middle of the night and your windows are down. Have you found a solution? I have 2012 Nissan Pathfinder.