My 2008 Murano is Possessed

Occasionally and randomly, my front two windows will lower themselves. Most of the time… all the way. But sometimes only half way. Both windows lower at the same time to the same degree. This happens only when parked and unattended, not when the engine is running or someone is in the car. It has happened in parking lots (outside) and also in my own locked garage with no one around. Sometimes the car is locked and sometimes (in my garage) it is unlocked. My Nissan dealer has no idea what is causing this nor how to correct it. Do you?

Your key fob’s ‘open’ button is being pushed while in your pocket or purse. When held down it opens the windows, I’ll bet.

The most likely explanation is that somebody or something is pressing the appropriate button(s) on the remote key fob that causes this function to take place. If you take a look at your Owner’s Manual, it will most likely describe this function (designed to help air-out the car on a very hot day before you enter the car), and how to activate it with the key fob.

Then, you have to figure out whether keeping the keys (pick one) in your pocket/in a purse/in proximity to curious kids and dogs is the source of the key fob being used inadvertantly in this manner. One way or another, the most likely cause is “mis-use” of the key fob.

And your dealer gets an “F” - how do they not know this?

At least the panic button isn’t being activiated! My cat sat on my car keys on night and the car started honking like crazy. My neighbors weren’t too happy with me. I eventually invested in a key holder that goes on the wall.