2014 Nissan Murano - key fob makes windows roll down

Windows roll down if you hold the unlock button down too long. Did that recently. The key fob was in my pocket and there was a downpour outside. Needless to say everything got wet inside the vehicle including my cell phone which is more than likely ruined. I did some research and this is a know bug in the key fob. Is there a fix for it?

It is not really broken, that feature is described on page 3-17 of the owners manual;

"Opening windows
*The UNLOCK button 2 operation also
allows you to open the window that is equipped
with the automatic open/close function. (See
“Power windows” in the “2. Instruments and
controls” section).
To open the windows, push the door UNLOCK
*button 2 for about 3 seconds after the
door is unlocked."

Ask your dealer if that feature can be switched off with their scan tool.