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Windows down on Nissan

Today’s caller with the 97 Maxima whose windows kept going down. A couple cars ago I had a 1999 Nissan Maxima; you can lower both front windows by holding down the unlock key on the keyless remote, and I assume he and his girlfriend are just pushing the button in their pocket or something.

Same thing happens with my Acura TSX - but it is all four windows and the sunroof. Had me puzzled for the longest time as well. I thought someone was playing a joke on me for the longest time until I figured out the remote controls it.

I think that the brothers really missed the boat on this one.

I know the answer to the windows rolling down in the Nissan!!! I have a Nissan Murano and had the same problem. I discovered by accident that when you hold down the unlock button on the remote or push it numerous times that it rolls the windows down. The feature is to let air into your car as you are walking towards it to let the heat out before you get in. Nice feature once you know it’s there, but until then it freaks you out.

Yes, same here I tried calling but the phone was busy. Found out mine did the same by accident :slight_smile:

Totally agree - it’s the remote unlock control. This happened to me A LOT whenever the remote was in a pocket that had several other keys, coins, etc. that would inadvertently press the button.

Got a '96 Maxima and it’s definitely the keyless remote. What’s most disappointing is that this discussion came up before on the show and someone called in with this info and Tom and Ray shared it on-air.

Man, oh man. That totally explains why my rental Nissan’s windows were down in the morning! I thought someone was screwing with me.

The most interesting thing is that ONLY the vehicles with the Nissan Intelligent Key are supposed to do this, according to the Owner’s Manual. My Pathfinder is the SV model, which is too cheap to have an Intelligent Key, but it works, just as it does on my wife’s Maxima. How far the windows go depends on how long you hold the key down after the initial 3 seconds activates the process. I was in the Diamondhead, MS, Dairy Queen one day and came out to find my two front windows down. I looked all over for my wife’s Maxima to see if she had pulled in, opened the windows then hid to watch my reaction. Like Andy’s girlfriend, she wasn’t guilty!

This can also not be a feature. Sometimes it’s a fault. See The windows in my 2008 Nissan Altima roll down automatically and corporate Nissan doesn’t think it’s a big deal!