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At least 5 or 6 times now, I have come out to the parking lot at work, the grocery store or the gym and all 4 windows on my car are all the way down. When it’s 40 below in Minnesota, this is not good. There is no rhyme or reason to it and I called the dealer and they had never heard of such a thing. Any ideas on what could be causing it? Let’s hope it doesn’t snow or sleet soon! Thanks! -Katie

Does your car have a feature that lowers the windows and opens the sunroof if you hold the door key in a certain position? What kind of car are we talkingabout?

Does your key fob have a button that does this? It might be getting inadvertantly pushed, or something else is triggering it. You might check if there’s some way to disable the function. What kind/year car is it?

…man, I’m getting slow on the keyboard…

Sorry, it is a 2008 Honda Accord. It doesn’t have a sun roof and there isn’t a button that even lowers all the windows at once. The key remote only has lock/unlock, trunk and panic on it. Thanks for reading my post!

Surprise! You do have the function, you can see a video on it here:

I don’t know if it can be disabled, though.

Your vehicle does have that feature on your remote… I get people coming into our service department(Honda) every once in a while with the same concern. If you press and hold the unlock button your windows will come down.

Please read your owner’s manual. In this case, it is on page 105. You should read the whole manual. There’s no telling what else you don’t know about your own car.

WOW! Never been on here before, but this is sure helpful! Thank you all so much! I had no idea I had that feature, guess I have some reading to do!
Thanks again!