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Maxima Power Windows

I have had a 2002 Maxima Sedanand for five months and three times when the car is parked, windows up and locked I have come back out and the front windows are down. They act normal otherwise.

You may have an intermittent short to ground in the wireharness that supplies the regulators. I’d suspect the ones going to the driver’s door first, as they go through the body structure to the door, as the wires for both front windows go there. That’s also a common spot for wiring harness problems because it flexes every time the door is opened or closed.

This one might be tough for even the pros to find, but a shop that specializes in automotive electrical systems will have the schematics and the expertise to be able to open up the harness, probe the correct wires, and repair them as needed. That’s their expertise.

Does your remote have a function to lower the windows by holding down a button? If so, are you certain that you’re not accidentally pressing the button in your pocket or elsewhere?

+1 to lion9car’s comment.

Maximas are among the car models whose key fobs will lower the front windows remotely when the control buttons are pressed in a specific way. This is helpful when returning to your car on a very hot day, but–of course–it can be disconcerting if you hit the fob’s controls inadvertently.

I think that the OP needs to do two things:
>Take out the Owner’s Manual, and read it–perhaps for the first time.
In addition to learning about the remote window-lowering function of the key fob, there will undoubtedly be other items that will be helpful–including the required maintenance of the car.
If you don’t have an Owner’s Manual, this is just one example of why you need to get one. E-bay is a good source for low-cost manuals.
>Figure out how to carry the key fob so that pressure is not inadvertently applied to its controls. This may mean not putting it in a tight pocket.

I haven’t had this happen with my '08 Altima since…this afternoon.

Yes, there is a button combination on the key fob that does this, and the buttons are easily pushed by accident when the fob is in your pocket.