Maxima Windows Go Cuckoo

I think the guys got this one wrong on this weekend’s show. I have the same problem with my 2006 Maxima’s windows opening on their own,but it has nothing to do with the “master” switch. It has everything to do with the keyless entry remote. Pressing the unlock button once will unlock the drivers door; pressing it twice (quickly) unlocks all four doors, pressing and holding it a few seconds opens the windows in the two front doors. Unfortunately, if you have the remote in your pocket and sit on it within range of the vehicle, you’ll open the windows. Sitting in a narrow chair with your pants leg (and pocket) pressed against the arm of the chair can have the same effect.

I have been told stories of people with remote start features finding their cars running and dont remember using the remote start feature. The downside to technology

That IS annoying.

This brings me to a related question: Why do all newer cars insist on having to double-click the locks to open the other three doors? This continously drives me crazy when I rent a car - I just want to get into the thing already, and not necessarily through the driver’s door first!

This feature started mid 80s nothing new. Idea is security, you walk up to your car and only want to unlock the drivers door. You want to keep the other doors locked so no one can jump in from the passenger side and proceed to do you harm.

As they were telling this guy to tear apart his car, I kept yelling “just tell him not to hold down the button!” :slight_smile: My wife had to remind me that Tom and Ray wouldn’t hear my yelling.

I agree wholeheartedly. I was also on the verge of yelling at Tom & Ray while listening to the show. It’s the keyless remote. It has to be–it fits all the clues (only the front two windows, only happens when he’s not in the car, windows seem to go down a different amount each time). Note that on the last one (windows go down a different amount each time) that in this car, the windows only go down while the remote button is pressed, and stop whenever you release the button. Also note that the remote for this car (I have a 96 Maxima) is unbelievably strong. You can be across a large parking lot from the car and it will work. This is great for using the panic button to find your car when you forget where you parked it, but it’s not so great when you have the key in your pocket or purse and the buttons get pressed unknowingly…

I just hope that Adam from Baltimore finds out about this before he opens up the door on his car!

You guys beat me to it! I just got around to listening to the episode via Podcast, but my thoughts were exactly the same. I am on my second Maxima of the same body style (I had a 95 and currently a 99). I wouldn’t say it happens “all the time” with me, but it has happened on a few occasions. My guess is “Adam from Baltimore” may have started carrying something new in his pocket that is pressing against the remote button when he sits down.

Anyone want to shoot Tom & Ray an e-mail or call in next week?

I sent them an email at the same time I started this topic. Of course, I’m not sure how long it takes to make its way through all their “lackeys” and actually reach them.

This issue is not always due to anyone doing anything with the key fob. Windows going down on their own in part or whole is a common problem with newer Nissans (~2003 forward) like the Maxima, 350z, including Infiniti G35 Sedans, Coupes, FX35’s. The problem falls into two classes:

  1. Key fob has problems and sends signals w/o being touched - e.g. rust inside, wrong battery, other malfunction.
  2. Problems with the Body Control Module (BCM), responsible for controlling windows, locks, etc.

The fob issue is pretty easily cured by simply not using it and removing its battery, see if the problem continues. Btw you can also have this “feature” changed out via the CONSULT II interface by a dealer - e.g. eliminate the fob rolling down windows at all, if you want.

The BCM-related problems are things like turn off ignition, windows drop down partially or all the way, either immediately or after varying periods of time - including after you’ve walked away from the vehicle. There’s little that can be done in these cases other than diagnose and replace the BCM unit.

Last, there are a lot of problems with the Window motor regulator, which determines how far “up” is, and same for down - there is a simple FSM procedure for resetting this but it does require removal of the inner door panel if you have to do a full reset on the regulator (not always needed).

Go search any Nissan forum for “windows roll down…” or similar, you’ll see what I mean. This is a pretty common problem which can be from the person unknowingly pressing the fob, but also has a few other causes not so innocent that can leave your windows all the way down in a lot, or in the rain or snow parked in your driveway, really “not funny” kind of stuff. After you’ve scooped snow off your leather interior once, I think you’d agree.