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Window trim

im looking for window trim for my 1980 mercury capri…but i can find any on ebay or any google site and all the late model restoration websites i checked dont carry anything for the year i need.if anyone knows where i can pick window trim up at that would be great.the pieces i need are for the hatch,windshield and the quarter windows on the side.even if there is just a universal molding or trim i could put on that anyone knows about let me know…thanks

Look for Ford Mustang parts. My first car when I was sixteen was an '82 Mercury Capri. Nearly everything from 1979-1983 Mustang is mechanically identical to the 1980 Capri.

yea i love mine And im trying to restore it and got everything but window trim and a good paint job.its getting tougher and tougher to find parts for the capri’ you remember where you got your trim pieces or anything narrow it down possibly…thanks again